Squash Rules

Squash rules of play

Official squash rules have been changed a number of times to improve the enjoyment of the game. As a result though not everybody plays squash in the same way. Below are instructions for traditional squash rules which are easy to follow.

Traditional squash rules

Usually a squash game will go to nine points. The first player to reach nine wins the game. When the score is eight to eight however, the receiver may choose at that moment if they will play till nine or ten. Only the server can make points. When the server looses a rally, the oponent will not receive a point immediately but have the chance to start serving. During play scores are often forgotten. That why we developed a mini scoreboard called Score-Stickers. You can place them on the walls or on your squash racquet to easily keep score.

Score-Stickers for squash

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Squash tips
If you are just beginning to play squash you might need some tips on equipment like racktes and clothing. On the page squash tips for beginners you can learn more about the game and the gear.


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