Squash Tips

Squash Tips for beginners

Tips on keeping score

Keeping score during a squash game can be quite difficult. You have to concentrate on every point and also keep track of the score. That's why we designed Score-Stickers. It helps players to keep score without having to remember it. They easily fit on your racquet and are also suitable for on the wall sides. This way both players can easily reach it. The results on Score-Stickers can be saved forever. More about squash rules

Score-Sticker for squash

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Tips on squash Equipment, Supplies and Gear

Squash gloves

Squash gloves give you more grip during play especially when you have sweaty hands.

Squash rackets
Squash rackets don't need to be expensive. Dunlop, Wilson, Head, Prince all make affordable rackets. Sometimes you can buy cheap squash rackets
with a discount on Ebay or Craigslist. One important factor is the balance of the squah racket. Generally you want the balance in the middle or closer to the handle for better manoeuvrability. It's a good idea to compare squash racquets and read reviews online. Then you choose the one that suits you best.

Protective eyewear
Squash can be a dangerous sport without goggles. Because you are playing together in a small space an accident can easily happen. Most of all you want to protect your eyes from the squash ball. A natural reaction is to follow the ball after you have hit it. Without protective eyewear you are in danger of getting the ball hit on your eye.

Squash clothing
Squash clothing needs to be comfortable and light. Squash is very intense so you will sweat a lot. Shorts and a t shirt is all that it takes. Some brands offer shirts that hold very little sweat and are extremely light. You can squashgear online or at any sports store.

Squash shoes
The bottom of your squash shoes must suitable for indoor. Usually the soles have a special profile and are light in color. Black soles are often forbidden. It's very important that the sneakers are stable and comfortable because you will make lots sudden moves on court. You can easy strain your ankle without proper footwear.

Squash ball
The squash ball comes in different variations. A colored dot on the ball indicates the speed and how much the ball bounces or how eleastic the squash ball is. A blue dot is for beginners and bounces quite high, a red dot bounces medium high and a yellow dot has a low bounce.

Tips on how to play squash. Watch squash videos on youtube
Learning the proper technique can be challenging for beginners. Luckily there are detailed video instructions from squash trainers to be found on Youtube explaining exactly how to correctly play squash. Squah trainers show proper strokes of the forehand, backhand, serve and more. Learn more from experienced players and pro's. There are also books on squash with detailed photos of strokes and shots.

Squash stringing machine

It doesn't happen to often but squash strings can break. Especially if you play more frequently. Most sport shops have a stringing machine, so when it does happen you just take it to the shop and ask for it to be strung. You pay for a new set of strings and the string itself. Optionally you can buy a stringing machine yourself and learn how to string squash rackets at home.

Popular squash brands

A good squash shop or sports store will have a range of products and brands. Typical squash brands are Karakal, Hi Tec
, Harrow


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Tip on finding squash partners
Squash is a great sport like tennis that can be played at a club or at college. Most places organize squash tournaments and leagues for beginners and advanced players. It's a fun way to meet new squash partners. More information on squash rules of play.

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