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Score-Sticker for tennis racquets
Place these handy score keeping stickers on your racquet. This way you can't loose track of the score.
For the beginning of the raise, the server must serve stand with both feet behind the baseline, and well alternately at the judge and at the left side of the middle of the job. By the beginning of each tennis game, the server of right begins. How one, one must serves know largely self, if the ball only firstly in the air becomes and via the tennis racquet hit becomes, has hit before the ball the ground. The ball may not play at marbles thus, but an onderhandse service may well. One has served, as soon as hit has the racquet the ball. How to keep score on your tennis racquets.

Score keeping stickers for tennis racquets.

Serve tennis De serve becomes in a duplicate game by the beginning of each set fixed. The pair that begins, must constitute who of the two it firstly serves. The other pairs decided, as soon as are they at the first serve closed. In the 3e game, the partner of the first server serves, in the 4e game the partner of the second server. As long as the set lasts, goes the in this order further, but by the beginning of the next set one may come down, as a team, (bijv. round tactical reasons) of the order of the previous set. New way for score keeping on tennis racquets.


Place score-stickers on your tennis racquets.

Hit back in the duplicate At the receivers is it naturally precisely the other way round stolen. One fixed for the beginning of the match who right or left state and who thus as first the service receives. Also here this order remains chosen, once, during the complete duration of the set the same. After that may want change the return earlier as they the order.
Handy scoring on your tennis racquets.

Easy to use on tennis racquets

The served ball must become hit over the just in the straight diagonally on the other hand opposite. On the line hit clench be "in" and therefore also be approved. The receiver may want to return the service, if has hit the ball the ground. Is the first raise wrong, then has the server always the straight a second shed to serve (' second service'). Level as also that second service wrong, the server the point loses is. Tennis racquets that keep score instantly.

Score-Stickers fit on all tennis racquets

The count When the player a point makes (self scores or via a wrong blow of the adversary) then stands he on 15, wins he also the second point then stands he on 30, wins he also the third point then climbs its score to 40 and as he also the fourth point to self , then has he a game made. Only there are exceptions on that rule. When both players 3 time a point scored, stands the 40 right ("deuce"). Who after that score comes on "advantage" (advantage); wins he there that position the following sharpen, then is the game for him. Never forget the score with score-stickers on your tennis racquets.

Buy Score-Stickers for your tennis racquets

Only as the adversary the following point makes, is scores then the again equal et cetera, until one of the players after the equal position (deuce or after that) twice successively. With that is then that game (that game) decided. In thorie, "deuce-voordeel/nadeel can continue" infinitely. Below an example of how a game would be able to lapse: 15-0, 30-0, 30-15, 40-15, 40-30, 40-40 (deuce), advantage, deuce, disadvantage, deuce, disadvantage, GAME

Score-Stickers are easy to remove from tennis racquets

Tie-break in the ankle game De player that the firstly 7 points own (with a lead of two points) has a tie-break and with that the set won. There in that tie-break a 6-6 position, then one must reaches becomes continue meanwhile, until obtained has one of both players a lead of 2 points. One do not counts in the tie-break 15-0, 30-1 enz., but 1-0, 2-0 etc. The tennis player, that the tie-break begins with the raise, serves for one point, but its adversary after that for the second and third point. Then serve both tennis players for two points in succession, until is definite who won has. From the first point becomes there alternately from the judge and the left side served. There must of side changed become after each 6 points and also after the tie-break to end is. Buy score-stickers for your tennis racquets.

Tennis racquets with personal score-stickers

How many sets in tennis? In the general is that players winnar of the party, that 2 sets have won. There its however tournaments, below which the Davis Cup Tennis and the Put down gravel Slam tennis tournaments (Australian Open, US Open, Rolland Garros, Wimbledon) in which by pin parties the one is the winner that 3 sets won has. With ladies becomes never round more than 3 sets played (" best or three"), but by the pin can a party that round 3 won sets goes, at most 5 sets last. This system names one "best or five". Easy to use score-stickers for tennis racquets.

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