Youth Tennis Rackets Review

What size tennis racket is the best for young kids?
Choosing the right tennis racket for kids and beginners can be difficult. Tennis rackets for adults are often too long or too heavy. Also de grip size is usually too big for a junior which make them less suitable. Luckily most brands offer tennis rackets for sale that are especially made for youth and different skill levels. Finding the best tennis racket is something very personal though. It's important for a beginning tennis player to be able to manoeuvre well with his or her racket. Other important factors when buying a tennis racket for beginners or advanced tennis players are power, control and comfort. The first thing you should check however is the length of the tennis rackets. There are sizing charts available for this but a better way might be to use a real tennis racket. One method is by holding the tennis racket in the hand next to the leg. The head of the tennis racquet should reach very close to the ground but not touch it. To check if you have the right grip size let the child grip the racket. Between the fingertips and the bottom part of the palm should be just enough room to place your little pinky finger. If there is space left on both sides of your little pinky finger then the grip size is too big. The balance of a youth tennis racket should be closer to the handle or at least in the middle. Oversized racket heads might be a good option since they generally have a bigger sweetspot. It's a good idea to ask the local tennis trainer or coach for advice and tips too.
An experienced tennis shop assistant should also be able to help in picking the right racket for a junior tennis player.


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