Table tennis table price reviews

Tips on buying a table tennis table
for recreation
Table tennis tables also know as ping pong tables are a lot of fun
and realtively cheap and affordable to buy. Table tennis tables come in different sizes, dimensions, quality and pricing. There are compact mini tables, small midsize tables, big concrete tables, rollaway tables and official competition tables. Besides complete tt tables there are also conversions tops for pool and hockey tables. The size is pretty important since you have to have space around the table to be able to play comfortably. The standard dimensions of a table tennis table top according to ITTF regulation in centimeters are: length 274 cm and width 152,5 cm. The hight should be 76 cm. The basic dimensions of a table tennis table top in inches are: length 9 feet and width 5 feet. The height is 2 feet and 6 inches. Next you have determine where you want to put the table tennis table. Is the tennis table going to be used inside or outside? Oudoor table tennis tables are more expensive since they need to be stronger and have a weatherproof coating against the weather elements. Also good to know is that most folding table tennis tables are on wheels so you can easily roll them away and save a lot of space in the room.

Table tennis table prices compared
The best and professional table tennis table brands are Stiga, Kettler, Joola, Butterfly, Killerspin, Sportscraft and Prince. The cheapest price for a standard size indoor competition rollaway table tennis table costs around 200 dollars. Outdoor rollaway table tennis tables start at around 600 dollars. Official
ITTF Pro Tournament table tennis tables are around 1000 dollars. The most expensive premium tt tables you can buy go up to 4000 dollars. The cheapest conversion tops for a pool table in your game room cost around 150 dollars.

Cheap and affordable table tennis table solutions
If your budget is really small and quality is less important then a used table tennis table is also an option. Check online websites like Ebay or Craigslist for new and used table tennis tables for sale with a discount. Sometimes you can find great deals there. The ultimate lowest price is ofcourse free. With this we mean build
your own custom table tennis table. It's the cheapest solution and making your own customized table tennis table isn't really that difficult. Diy instructions on how to make your own table tennis table can be found online and when you just need a top it's just a question of making it the right size and giving it a a bit of coating.

Shopping for more table tennis equipment and accessories
Besides a good quality table you will need to buy table tennis blades and balls. When buying the rackets or paddles you can choose different types of rubbers that give you more or less grip and spin. If you have an outdoor table tennis table you might want to buy a cover for protection against the weather. Most covers are from PVC. On this website we also sell unique scorekeepers.

Tips for improving your table tennis skills
Want to learn how to play table tennis and become a better player? Watch video instructions of pro's on Youtube or DVD. Many websites offer tips and explanations on the rules of table tennis.



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