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Are you constantly forgetting the score?

Do the score-keeping on your table tennis table!

Always keep track of the score with Score-Stickers in your match.
Stick them on your table tennis table or table tennis blade and start
scratching off the tiny layers with your fingernail to point out the score.
Begin using Score-Stickers on your table tennis table
in your following match! Not only table tennis, but also tennis, squash and badminton use Score-Stickers.

Score-Stickers for tennis racquets
Score-Stickers for tennis racquets
Table tennis table Score-Stickers Score-Stickers for squash and badminton racquets

Place Score-Stickers on your table tennis blade

Benefits for table tennis

* Always on top of the score
* Saves your table tennis score
* Easy to use on table tennis tables
* Easy to remove from the tables
* Doesn't effect play in anyway
* Advertise on Score-Stickers
* For all table tennis players

Score-Sticker is a patented product

Choose your type of sport!


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Promotional Score-Stickers for table tennis tablePromotional Score-Stickers for table tennis table

Player feedback
See reviews from players who use Score-Stickers on a table tennis table

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