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Don't know how to keep score in tennis ?

Keep track of games with Score-Sticker for

Often people don't know how to keep score in tennis or forget what the score is. With the new Score-Stickers you can keep track of games in a flash. Stick them to your tennis racquet frame and take off the scratch-off layers using your fingernail to make scores visible. You will notice how easy Score-Stickers work. Put Score-Stickers for tennis to work in your upcoming match! Aside of tennis you can also know how to keep score in squash, badminton and table tennis.

Know how to keep score in tennis
Know how to keep score in tennis
Score-Stickers for tabletennis Score-Stickers for squash racquets and badminton racquets
Place on your tennis racquet
Know how to keep score in tennis

Score-Stickers for on your tennis racquets

Benefits of Score-Stickers

* Know how to keep score in tennis
* Simply use your fingernail

* Score Sheets available
* Easy to peel off later
* No harm during play
* Sticks to all tennis racquets
* Advertising on Score-Stickers

Score-Sticker is a patented product

How to keep score on:
TENNIS racquets
BADMINTON racquets
SQUASH racquets




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Score-Stickers branding for sports like tennis

Brand your name on Score-Stickers to get more publicity. Score-Stickers as a great way to improve your brand awareness.
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Promotional Score-StickersPromotional Score-Stickers for tennis racquets

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