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Loosing track of the score in your squash games?

Try using Score-Stickers on your squash rackets!

With the new Score-Stickers you can hold score in your matches directly.
Score-Stickers fit on the sides of your squash rackets, but can also be applied to other locations like the wall. By removement of the small scratch-off coatings with your fingernail you can make the score directly visible. Notice how well this works. Play with Score-Stickers on your squash rackets in your next game! Score-Stickers are available for squash rackets, tennis rackets, badminton rackets and table tennis.

Score-Stickers for tennis rackets
Score-Stickers for tennis rackets
Score-Stickers for tabletennis Score-Stickers for squash raquets and badminton rackets
Place on your racket
Place Score-Stickers on your rackets

Score-Stickers for on your squash rackets

* Always on track with the score
* Matchresults can be saved
* Handy to use on rackets
* Directly removable from rackets
* Creates no problems while playing
* Can be used on all squash rackets
* Advertise logo's on Score-Stickers

Score-Sticker is a patented product

Choosing Score-Stickers for your sport rackets:
SQUASH rackets
TENNIS rackets




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Promotional Score-StickersPromotional Score-Stickers for squash rackets

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