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Ever forget the score in your squash game?

Get Score-Stickers for your squash racquets!

Put the new Score-Stickers to use and personaly keep score in your squash matches. Set them on the sides your squash racquets or other easy to reach location. By removing small scratch-off layers you can instantly make the score visible. Stick Score-Stickers on your squash racquets in your next match! Next to squash racquets, Score-Stickers are useful for badminton racquets, tennis racquets, and table tennis too.
Discover Score-Stickers for yourself.

Score-Stickers for tennis racquets
Score-Stickers for tennis racquets
Score-Stickers for tabletennis Score-Stickers for squash raquets and badminton racquets
Place on your racquet
Place Score-Stickers on your racquets

Score-Stickers for on your squash racquets
Benefits for squash

* Can't forget the score
* Hold on to matchresults
* Works smoothly on racquets
* Easy to transfer from racquets
* No hinder in play
* Sized for all squash racquets
* Use Score-Stickers as a promo

Score-Sticker is a patented product

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TENNIS racquets

BADMINTON racquets



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Score-Sticker giveaways for squash racquets

Looking for a way to advertise? Utilize Score-Stickers as a give away or premium to get noticed among players.
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Promotional Score-Stickers for squash racquetsPromotional Score-Stickers for squash racquets

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